Well it’s been a little over a month since my last post, so the title is a bit misleading! What a chaotic month it’s been…food poisoning, kidney stones, Influenza, and just crazy everyday life!

I was very fortunate that none of the above actually happened to me! Most hit my husband (Food poisoning, kidney stones, and influenza) and only the Influenza hit my monkey girl! I’ve been a wife, mom, nurse, admin to an entire region at my job, and have been going crazy with back to back things going on.

The scariest part, I must admit, was last Friday K had the worst night and by 4 am she was running a fever so I gave her some medicine. By about 6:30-7 that morning she was still very warm even with the medicine, so I decided to take her to the ER as her doctor’s office wouldn’t be open until 9. She was crying and clingy and just absolutely miserable, the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life! K is usually so full of life and constantly on the move and for her to be so listless and so sick made my heart hurt. Once we got to the hospital she had her temp taken and it was 103.9, thank God we had taken her! She had tests done, chest xray, rsv, influenza and it came back that she had the Flu. Now with K getting all of the recommended vaccines and shots as scheduled through her first year, I thought the flu shot was given to her, but come to find out that no the flu shot was not included in the many shots she’s received! Good to know for next year, I suppose, although I wish I would have known. Whose to say that even with the flu shot that she wouldn’t have gotten sick anyway!

So my household is finally on the mend, K is back to her crazy rambunctious self and doing much better, Praise God! I hope you and your household have been doing better then mine, although I hear Influenza and other colds are going around so please be careful, it’s awful to be so helpless with the little ones in life!!

I plan to be much more active here, barring anymore sicknesses or illnesses in my household!!

Stay tuned for more crazy…



Just one of those Weekends

Have you ever had one of those weekends, all you wanted to do was relax and enjoy the time off from work, and nothing seemed to go right? This was my weekend, starting Friday after I got home from work, as soon as I walked in the house I could tell that things weren’t going to go well by my Husband’s attitude. Things just continued to go down hill, and we bickered and fought for most of the weekend. We are constantly working on our marriage as we have only been married for 2 years (this February). As with most marriages things/people change, life happens, and things can go wrong very quickly. My husband and I just recently moved to Nebraska (where most of my family lives) from New York. Now our daughter was about 5 months when I moved to Nebraska, before my Husband. I was here from May to October while my Husband stayed in New York to finalize some things and be able to move out here with me and K. It was difficult to be apart, but we made it through. Once settled here together, we adjusted to finding new routines in our lives with new jobs, new home, new surroundings, and a young child. While we adjusted we had normal arguments and disagreements, and in the end did not communicate as well as we should have. All of this seemed to explode like an atomic bomb this weekend.

All I can say is that, it’s Monday morning, and we both have apologized and identified things to work on and grow from. I truly believe that marriage is work, and must continued to be worked on and groomed, almost like planting a tree. You must water the tree, and make sure it has the right conditions, and correct structures around it so that it won’t be damaged in the early years. Marriage is not all rainbows and butterfly’s, you must sometimes weather the storm and be a small caterpillar that moves slowly before you can enjoy the rainbow and become a beautiful butterfly. All I can do now, is continue to make sure my marriage is something that is cultivated each day and communication is flowing on both sides! Prayer is my weapon at hand today, and I have faith that all will work out in the end.

I hope you all have had a better weekend then me, and are starting your week with a positive attitude and good vibes! 🙂

-Chaotic Mama

Milk, Juice, and Some Competition

My daughter is the light of my life and the one thing that motivates me to get out of bed each morning. I start this post by saying that, because boy does she drive me nuts some days!

Along with her wacky eating habits (explained in my last post), she still does not sleep through the night and must have a bottle at all times in the night. What this means for this over-worked and exhausted Mama is that every 2-4 hours K bellows her toddler moans until I go in there and give her back her bottle, that she has inevitably rolled on top of or is on the other side of the crib. I’ll be honest my husband does help and get up and do this sometimes to help me, but either way at 14 months she should be sleeping through the night. She most definitely does NOT need a bottle through the night. K has never taken to a pacifier, and believe me when I say I’ve tried EVERY brand of pacifiers out there! So to pacify herself through the night she has always wanted the bottle of formula, now milk. Well lately, I’ve tried to give her milk in the night and she will kick and cry and moan and whimper in her sleep until I give her a juice bottle. Her juice bottle is 1-2 oz. of juice and the rest water, but this is what she MUST have at all times. I have to prepare 3-4 bottles every night before bed so that they are on hand in the middle of the night. Inevitably her diaper then needs to be changed 1-2 times each night, because she is drinking so much. This is not a routine that I love, and dislike her drinking so much in the middle of the night.

I know that juice in a bottle is not great, and should only be given in a sippy cup. Well let me tell you that K will NOT have a sippy cup at night. She will gladly drink out of her sippy cup during the day, but when it comes to bedtime or nap time that bottle is what she has to have. K knows what she wants and she has the stubborn willfulness to get what she wants, at least at bed time that is. I recently have tried to soothe her in other ways instead of giving her a bottle in the night, but she kicks and crys and screams and wakes herself up, and I will be 100% honest she out wills me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I need sleep to function and to not get physically sick…so for right now she has won the bottle battle.

I would love to hear of anyone’s ideas or stories on how you weaned your little ones off the bottle at night, or if they just naturally stopped??

On another note, my amazing sister started a blog last night! She is an amazing person, I mean seriously I’m her sister! Although I know her tag line she stole a part of it from me! I remember, dear sister, mom’s house…frosting cookies…talking about blog names…you stole that perfectly imperfect line from me! I shall let this go, as I am the better person :)! Please check her out, she has been a foster mom for the past couple of years and she will be sharing her experiences and stories HERE!

-Chaotic Mama

Crackers Are Life

I’m not entirely sure, but I’m pretty sure crackers are not a good balanced diet, no matter how many varieties they have.  That is ALL my daughter wants to eat. “GAK GUK” “GAK GUK” she screams at me while I’m washing dishes. She opens the cupboard takes the box out and shoves them into my leg while looking up at me with hopeful eyes, for just one more cracker. I try to explain (to a 14 month old mind you) that no, honey, crackers are not for dinner. My husband made a delicious dinner of steak and chicken on the grill with some quinoa with spinach, mushroom, and feta (the steamable, in bag kind). I oh-so gently try to sit down without K (my daughter) noticing I’ve got a plate of food. It is a known fact that once Mamma sits down with food or drink of any kind she must be hounded within an inch of her life until K has sufficiently decided she wants nothing to do with what Mamma has. Inevitably, K has sensed me just about to take my first bite and charges at me with an unstoppable force only toddlers seem to have. I know that K will not like the meat, because for the past couple of months she has chosen to spit out all meat that enters her mouth, but K insists in her high-pitched whine of baby babble that she must taste whatever I have right NOW. As predicted the meat gets spit out instantly, but Praise God she will eat quinoa. K takes a few bites, then incessantly starts asking for more “GAK GUK”. Goldfish, animal crackers, regular saltines, any cracker you can think of I have on hand. K whines until I have figured out exactly which type of cracker she is craving and then she snatches it out of my hand, smiles the biggest smile and goes on about her evening.

K was never a picky eater, when we started introducing actual foods and not just puree’s, she gobbled everything up and would try everything. Lately K has decided the only food she likes are pasta, cheese, rice/quinoa, yogurt, and crackers. I am increasingly getting worried that my daughter will never have a balanced diet, and will never sit down to eat a regular meal! On top of the picky diet she has chosen to adopt, she never eats much at one time. Since K was born she has always just eaten enough to get the gnaw out of her stomach and then come back to eat/drink/breastfeed for more an hour or two later. She still does this, she is my “drive-by eater.” If you stick her in a high-chair or seat of any kind she will eat a bite or two, but nothing more. She will only eat the majority of food while she is running around. It goes like this:

-K watching Tinkerbell/playing with toys
-K starts to notify all she is hungry or someone in the general vicinity has food
-K runs to them and try’s to grab whatever they may be eating
-Adult eating must lift plate/bowl high enough so she doesn’t actually grab the food
-K gets fed whatever was made for her or whatever someone has made for their own consumption
-K takes a bite, chews, and swallows
-K runs away to play for a second
-K runs back to wherever the food source is and opens her mouth expectantly
-K takes a bite, chews, and swallows
-Wash, rinse, repeat until you’ve thoroughly tried coaxing K to take a couple more bites!

She very rarely eats an actual meal, or any large quantity of food. I have, for the life of me, tried everything I can think of, every trick, or idea on the internet to get her to have more of a normal food routine. It’s just not happening.

This worried Mamma doesn’t know what else to do, except to continue to try and give her healthy alternatives of her “chosen” food, and to get her to eat as much as she chooses.


Just one more Cracker Mamma!

My daughter’s weight has never been anything other then average and her height is a little above average, so Doctor’s are not concerned. I just can’t help but wondering if she will be in college asking her professor for a cracker, because she’s starving right this very minute!

Here’s to hoping this is a stage…now I must go by MORE crackers!

Anyone else have picky/odd eaters? I welcome any ideas or thoughts on this! 🙂

-Chaotic Mamma

The Day After Christmas

With all the running around and thousands of errands and hundreds of things on a To-Do List BEFORE Christmas, why shouldn’t the day after Christmas be a day of rest and relaxation? I’m here to break it down…at least for my household:

1. My Husband, who calls himself a gamer, is upstairs relaxing while playing a game, or watching a video about a game, or doing any of the thousands of things related to his addiction of gaming.

2. My almost 15 months old is into EVERYTHING, anyone with a child this age knows I am not exaggerating at all when I say everything!

So this leaves Mama to chase after the little one, watching Tinkerbell for the millionth time, and trying to enjoy a few moments of catching my breath in between telling her not to eat the crayons and no she can not have the remote to bang on the kitchen floor.

I firmly believe that as mothers of chaos we should unite and demand at least enough time to enjoy a HOT cup of coffee the day after a Holiday!

With all of this said, I so enjoy watching my daughter play and laugh with delight from some of her new toys! I would not change one thing about this life, because at the end of the day my little girl still needs me to soothe her when she falls, and kiss her boo boos away!

Here’s to hoping my coffee is still at least somewhat warm!

-Chaotic Mamma

Why Start a Blog?

In my intricate browsing of the internet, you know Amazon, Target, Walmart…SERIOUS browsing, I’ve come across several amazing Blogs that have entertained me, made me cry with laughter, and made me cry with heartache. I will at some point make a list of these blogs, so if there is anyone reading my ramblings at any point you can click and surf on over and check them out. Please excuse me I need to change an explosive diaper.

I’m still trying to comprehend how such horrible thing can come out of such a small little girl:


My Beautiful (poops like a man) Daughter

Where was I? Oh yes, why start a blog? My life is not out of the ordinary…not too much special going on here! Well to be honest I enjoy writing, not altogether convinced that I’m capable of writing well, but I ENJOY it. Out of everything I do in a day I don’t have anything I can unwind and enjoy (other then reading, which in my mind coincides with writing). My wonderful Husband gifted me a beautiful new laptop for Christmas! So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well…although I’m perfectly aware my mother is probably the only one who will read this!

So new laptop in hand, I decided to start this blog! My plan is to write a little each day, as a way to unwind and put out there the daily struggles of life that I’m sure many can relate to! Although with my chaotic life, daily might be a stretch!

-Chaotic Mamma