Well it’s been a little over a month since my last post, so the title is a bit misleading! What a chaotic month it’s been…food poisoning, kidney stones, Influenza, and just crazy everyday life!

I was very fortunate that none of the above actually happened to me! Most hit my husband (Food poisoning, kidney stones, and influenza) and only the Influenza hit my monkey girl! I’ve been a wife, mom, nurse, admin to an entire region at my job, and have been going crazy with back to back things going on.

The scariest part, I must admit, was last Friday K had the worst night and by 4 am she was running a fever so I gave her some medicine. By about 6:30-7 that morning she was still very warm even with the medicine, so I decided to take her to the ER as her doctor’s office wouldn’t be open until 9. She was crying and clingy and just absolutely miserable, the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life! K is usually so full of life and constantly on the move and for her to be so listless and so sick made my heart hurt. Once we got to the hospital she had her temp taken and it was 103.9, thank God we had taken her! She had tests done, chest xray, rsv, influenza and it came back that she had the Flu. Now with K getting all of the recommended vaccines and shots as scheduled through her first year, I thought the flu shot was given to her, but come to find out that no the flu shot was not included in the many shots she’s received! Good to know for next year, I suppose, although I wish I would have known. Whose to say that even with the flu shot that she wouldn’t have gotten sick anyway!

So my household is finally on the mend, K is back to her crazy rambunctious self and doing much better, Praise God! I hope you and your household have been doing better then mine, although I hear Influenza and other colds are going around so please be careful, it’s awful to be so helpless with the little ones in life!!

I plan to be much more active here, barring anymore sicknesses or illnesses in my household!!

Stay tuned for more crazy…



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