Just one of those Weekends

Have you ever had one of those weekends, all you wanted to do was relax and enjoy the time off from work, and nothing seemed to go right? This was my weekend, starting Friday after I got home from work, as soon as I walked in the house I could tell that things weren’t going to go well by my Husband’s attitude. Things just continued to go down hill, and we bickered and fought for most of the weekend. We are constantly working on our marriage as we have only been married for 2 years (this February). As with most marriages things/people change, life happens, and things can go wrong very quickly. My husband and I just recently moved to Nebraska (where most of my family lives) from New York. Now our daughter was about 5 months when I moved to Nebraska, before my Husband. I was here from May to October while my Husband stayed in New York to finalize some things and be able to move out here with me and K. It was difficult to be apart, but we made it through. Once settled here together, we adjusted to finding new routines in our lives with new jobs, new home, new surroundings, and a young child. While we adjusted we had normal arguments and disagreements, and in the end did not communicate as well as we should have. All of this seemed to explode like an atomic bomb this weekend.

All I can say is that,Β it’s Monday morning, and we both have apologized and identified things to work on and grow from. I truly believe that marriage is work, and must continued to be worked on and groomed, almost like planting a tree. You must water the tree, and make sure it has the right conditions, and correct structures around it so that it won’t be damaged in the early years. Marriage is not all rainbows and butterfly’s, you must sometimes weather the storm and be a small caterpillar that moves slowly before you can enjoy the rainbow and become a beautiful butterfly. All I can do now, is continue to make sure my marriage is something that is cultivated each day and communication is flowing on both sides! Prayer is my weapon at hand today, and I have faith that all will work out in the end.

I hope you all have had a better weekend then me, and are starting your week with a positive attitude and good vibes! πŸ™‚

-Chaotic Mama


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