The Day After Christmas

With all the running around and thousands of errands and hundreds of things on a To-Do List BEFORE Christmas, why shouldn’t the day after Christmas be a day of rest and relaxation? I’m here to break it down…at least for my household:

1. My Husband, who calls himself a gamer, is upstairs relaxing while playing a game, or watching a video about a game, or doing any of the thousands of things related to his addiction of gaming.

2. My almost 15 months old is into EVERYTHING, anyone with a child this age knows I am not exaggerating at all when I say everything!

So this leaves Mama to chase after the little one, watching Tinkerbell for the millionth time, and trying to enjoy a few moments of catching my breath in between telling her not to eat the crayons and no she can not have the remote to bang on the kitchen floor.

I firmly believe that as mothers of chaos we should unite and demand at least enough time to enjoy a HOT cup of coffee the day after a Holiday!

With all of this said, I so enjoy watching my daughter play and laugh with delight from some of her new toys! I would not change one thing about this life, because at the end of the day my little girl still needs me to soothe her when she falls, and kiss her boo boos away!

Here’s to hoping my coffee is still at least somewhat warm!

-Chaotic Mamma


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