Why Start a Blog?

In my intricate browsing of the internet, you know Amazon, Target, Walmart…SERIOUS browsing, I’ve come across several amazing Blogs that have entertained me, made me cry with laughter, and made me cry with heartache. I will at some point make a list of these blogs, so if there is anyone reading my ramblings at any point you can click and surf on over and check them out. Please excuse me I need to change an explosive diaper.

I’m still trying to comprehend how such horrible thing can come out of such a small little girl:


My Beautiful (poops like a man) Daughter

Where was I? Oh yes, why start a blog? My life is not out of the ordinary…not too much special going on here! Well to be honest I enjoy writing, not altogether convinced that I’m capable of writing well, but I ENJOY it. Out of everything I do in a day I don’t have anything I can unwind and enjoy (other then reading, which in my mind coincides with writing). My wonderful Husband gifted me a beautiful new laptop for Christmas! So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well…although I’m perfectly aware my mother is probably the only one who will read this!

So new laptop in hand, I decided to start this blog! My plan is to write a little each day, as a way to unwind and put out there the daily struggles of life that I’m sure many can relate to! Although with my chaotic life, daily might be a stretch!

-Chaotic Mamma


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